Corazones por America Latina

Copal e.V. is a registered non profit organisation which means that we have an appropriate Statut. We are Controlled regularly by the financial authorities and we are entitled do write out donation receipts. More information about us you will find in the following annex.


Copal e.V. stems from the former work committee „Mexico“ of the Martin Luther Church of Würzburg. In the meantime we cooperate in the oecumenical sense with various church congregations as well with large Networks of further partners. Membership in our organisation is not necessarily linked with membership in a parish or a certain philosophy of life and is open to anybody who is prepared to help us actively in the pursuit of our sims.

Who are we

Copal e.V. consists of honorary women and men who care about the well-being of the poorest of the poor.

The most important committee members are as follows:

Benjamin Navarro Canaviri (president)

Carolina Garcia (vice-president)

Florian Knell ( secretary and finances)

Key people

Rainer Hohner (events)

Simone Eisenmann de Navarro (education)

Thomas Neundörfer (med. Equipment)

You are invited to write directly to the indvidual contact persona on via our contact address or you can address them directly.

Our basic principles

Helping people help themselves

Which means

The affected target population play an active role in the projects from the very beginning. Operating costs are paid on the spot.

No long term committments or dependencies are reasoned in the long run. The initiatives of our organisation have the function of a catalyct which propels with its initial ignition further activties.We cooperate with Networks on site.

Which means

Our projects should not diminish the responsibility of the local authorities at their place of residence by grantig the primary  care of the population.

We favour our personal committment as well as puposeful money and proper donations and we want to enduce the local authorities to fulfill their responsibility towards the population.

We want to change the system by cooperation.

Which means

Our foremost aim is to impart a realistic Impression of Latin America here in Germany

That is why our mutual projects with people in Latin America are equally important as monetary donations or material help.

Global interrelations can only be understood and real changes reached in this world by a personal committment .