A very important issue for COPAL e.V. is the boost and the improvement of the level of education in Latin America. The association organises encounters and events as well as student exchanges with the aim of introducing the differnt cultures. In addition to that, concerts and art exhibitions enable the exchange of cultures. A eminantly important partner for this topic is the Gymnasium Veitshöchheim in Germany.

There has been established narrow contact between the university of Bicentenario, a governmental runned school in a less affluent district of La Paz (Bolivia) and the Gymnasium Veitsöchheim. The school in La Paz was incorporated in the year 2011 and it cares about 500 pupils in al forms of education.

Top priority is the scholarly exchange and cultural exchange based on gatherings and correspondence with pen friends.

There were already lots of donation campaigns, which allowed many pupils from La Paz a stay for 3 months in Veitshöchheim. This student exchange is a tremendous opportunity for al the students because they can broaden their mind and also to see new aspects for their future.This exchange is only feasible because of the donations and the backing of the supporters of the association COPAL eV.

Moreover there was socialised contact between Gymnasium Veitshöchheim and the german school in Santa Cruz, the german school Alexander von Humbold, Centro Cultural Massis in Sucre and finaly the college of music in San Ignacio de Moxos

The highlight of the initiative for partner schools were: